No more dragging out that told dirty vacuum only to have to clean up the dust it spits out after you are done vacuuming. Simply connect the 30′ hose to the wall inlet and go. What could be easier?

Airline Vacuum has been in the business of selling the finest residential products for the past fifty-four years. We are still owned and operated by the original family, assuring you reliable and dependable sales and service.


All the dirt and dust vacuumed up goes to the collection unit and will not be redistributed throughout the house as dust. A central vacuum is one of the only ways to get the dust out of your house.

Just how does it Work ?

The central power unit is located in an out-of-the-way place such as the garage, basement or utility room. To vacuum, simply insert the hose into one of the wall inlet valves that are installed in strategic locations throughout the house. An optional Automatic Dust Pan in high-spill areas is ready to whisk dirt away by just flipping a lever. Tubing runs behind walls from the inlet valves to the power unit.


The Airline Vacuum installation teams are highly experienced and certified professionals.

We stand by and guarantee every install.

New Construction 

42% of home buyers expect a built-in central vacuum system as a standard feature in their new home.We work with an extensive ever-growing list of home builders in Texas and across the United States. Ask your builder to call us.

Retro fit

Home already built? No problem, we can install a Central Vacuum System adapting to any style home, taking care that all parts of the system blend in with their surroundings.