The commercial sector covers a large area of businesses from high schools to body shops, were the central vacuum system proves to be extremely valuable. From custom backpacks,powerful wet/dry vacuums to custom designed Central Vacuum Systems the staff at Airline Vacuum will be ready to assist you.


The central vacuum systems can help any company have a clean work place even in the most sensitive enviroments.

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Popular Systems

  • Car washes
  • hair salons
  • veterinarians
  • Body shop
  • Car Rental
  • Auto Lube Center
  • Auto Auction

Hair Salons

Forget stooping, forget dustpans! Just sweep hair and other debris to the mouth of the Beam® VacPan™ Automatic Dustpan and tap the toe switch. Hair, dirt and debris are removed and deposited in the power unit’s paper bag dirt receptacle instantly!

Designed especially for all hair salon cleaning needs

No more need for dustpans means faster, more hygienic cleaning

Whisper-quiet operation; won’t disturb patrons

Extra large, 10 gallon (38 litre) filter bag debris receptacle

Filter bag changes easily and allows convenient, hygienic disposal

Can be installed in new or existing salons

120” water lift. 549 air watts cleaning power

1 year repair parts warranty

Dimensions: 34”h x 14”w